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AlpinaTec - Technical Products

Committed people work here who find solutions to technical problems, implement them and provide specialist support.

Founded in 1999 by Ing. Peter Burger, AlpinaTec Technical Products GmbH is a high-tech engineering company that designs, develops and produces special machines with automation and software systems for customer-specific requirements. As an expert, AlpinaTec offers an unparalleled variety of industries:

From industrial automation of producing SME's and large enterprises in AT and EU, over research institutions and universities, up to the aerospace industry.

The full-service provider AlpinaTec works project-specifically with selected general contractors as partners. This enables the company to find, adapt and implement highly complex, but also simple "everyday" customer solutions.

Technical Know How - Made in Austria

proven since 1999

AlpinaTec Milestones:


  • Foundation of HTD Burger GmbH by Ing. Peter Burger


  • Foundation of AlpinaTec GmbH by Ing. Peter Burger


  • Development and installation of a 6m Plane Wave Zone Scanner for EADS Astrium GmbH


  • Rebuilding and delivery of the first heavy-duty AZ/EL positioning system to EADS Astrium GmbH
  • Collaboration in the FIT-IT research project FRONTICS
  • Installation of an XAA antenna in Perth


  • Delivery of several alignment systems for antenna measurement
  • Installation of the first ASMC system in Maspalomas
  • Installation of an XAA antenna in Kourou


  • Collaboration in the ARTES 3/4 research project PAMS
  • Delivery of further ASMC systems and upgrade of existing systems
  • Development of a Generic Motion Controller System
  • Installation of an XAA antenna in Maspalomas


  • Successful commissioning of the 1st Generic Motion Controller
  • Incorporation of HTD Burger GmbH as design department

2012 - 2016

  • MBM Maschinenbau Mühldorf acquires a stake in AlpinaTec.

2017 - 2018

  • Participation by 33% each Baier Holding, Gunnar Grabmair, Peter Burger
  • Start Gestra Project


  • Successful project completion Gestra - world premiere & breakthrough in the localization of space debris

Values are important to us.

This is what AlpinaTec stands for.

These guiding principles are to be the guiding principles on which the management and employees of AlpinaTec GmbH base their dealings with each other and with customers and suppliers.

Guiding principles

We are an up-and-coming medium-sized company and want to remain so.

  • Our business premises resemble a "think tank".
  • We are always fair.
  • We work in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner.
  • We inspire through special ideas and achievements.
  • We always think positively, think: "There is an opportunity in every problem!"
  • We are committed to the region and its people.
  • We are reliable market partners for customers and suppliers and always strive for a win-win situation.
  • We are a team that cooperates closely and in a spirit of trust.
  • We attach great importance to continuous dialogue.
  • Personal performance is recognised.
  • Personal development is expected from every employee and is gladly encouraged by the management.
  • Constructive and objective criticism is welcome at all levels. Every criticism is accompanied by a suggestion for improvement.
  • Achieving profit and sustainable growth are essential corporate goals.

"Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is a success" Henry Ford

Partner companies of AlpinaTec

Only the best are good enough!

Pamminger stands for innovation, technical leadership and individual solutions.

For AlpinaTec, Pamminger is a long-standing partner in the field of mechanical engineering implementation.

Baier Technik, is the specialist for the right electronic connection

For AlpinaTec, Baier Technik is an experienced partner for integrated solutions in the field of cable assembly, electromechanical assemblies and switch cabinet production. Baier Holding has held a 33% stake in AlpinaTec since 2017.

The most beautiful way is the common

Automatisierung - Konstruktion - Roboterprogrammierung