Groundstation Equipment - System ASMC

Satellite- and Radargroundstations are equipped with lots of electric actors, sensors and measurement devices, which shall be operated together in order to ensure a stable radar tracking of orbital satellites. This is required to maintain a stable communication of fast orbiting satellites and objects, such as the international space station ISS.

Such systems has to offer an extraordinary means of reliability and flexibility, considering the various interconnections of digital and analogure inputs & outputs. Therefore traditional PLC solutions are not sufficient.

The ASMC System is a rack mountable, flexible and reliable control system. In its basic configuration it features up to 22 digital I/Os, 8 floating relais outputs and 32 analogue I/O channel as well as several Ethernet/LAN connectors.

ASMC Device ASMC Rear View ASMC Touchscreen Interface

Currently our ASMC Systems are used in the ESA groundstations at Kourou, Maspalomas and Perth.


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