Custom Software Systems

Software We plan, specifify and implement your new Softwaresystem together with you. Using latest technologies and tight integration of our customers we implement high quality software products.


We offer customer-specific software development using the following technologies:

  • Microsot .NET - Windows Forms
  • Silverlight + ASP.Net Webservices
  • Java + Eclipse RCP
  • National Instruments LabView, LabView Real Time and LabView FPGA
  • Mathworks Matlab Simulink


Development Process


We think the customer is an integral part of a software development. Therefore we are working iteratively with short development cycles to get instant response of the customer.

Software Entwicklung


We are using latest methods of Software Engineerung, such as SCRUM, and Unit Testing, in order deliver just what the customer wants:


  • Requirements Engineering und Risk Analysis:
    During the preparation phase of a project we accomlish requirements team workshop. Together with all stakeholders we gain as much requirements as possible and assign risks to them. Using these risks we can later easily assess potential development risks and their solutions.
  • Prototyping:
    On the basis of the first requirements we create an initial software prototype to assess and revise the development risk and to identify new requirements.
  • Design
    • Software Design:
      In order to get an initial software design we use fast and eays-to-use methods such as CRC cards and User Stories.
    • User Interface Design:
      Whether customer-specific or standards-conformgin - we develop the right user interface for you.
  • Implementation:
    The implementation of the software is accomplished using latest software implemenation methods such as Pair Programming, Code Reviews, and of course Unit Testing.
  • Testing:
    Beside our internal tests we cooperatively definde a test specification together with you. Using this specification we test your software according to your requirements.