Custom Automation Systems

Mechatronik We plan and implement your new Automation System on the basis of your requests using latest technologies.




AlpinaTec provides a continuous development from the shopfloor layer up to the ERP layer. For this purpose AlpinaTec relies on standardized and well-known tools and vendors.

Automation Hierarchy



  • IEC 61131 on PLC and Industrial PC 
  • IEC 61499on Industrial PC
  • Customer-specific .NET and. JAVA development on PC\IndustrialPC\WindowsCE


Example Project: Handling System for a Carbonfibre Production Facility


AlpinaTec - Technical Products GmbH developed and installed the complete systeme including mechanical design, software implementation and onsite customisation. The installed system also features a state-of-the-art laser-guided safety device and a touchscreen-based human machine interface. Schaltschrank


Example Project: Automation of Material Test System


During this project AlpinaTec Gmbh was responsible for the automation solution and the project management. The automation solution comprises a PLC and several drives to move the probe into the X-ray inspection system. Furthermore a camera is installed to monitor the test process. Roentgenteststand


Example Project: FIT-IT Research Project FRONTICS


AlpinaTec - Technical Products GmbH joined the FRONTICS project in order to work on the development of IEC 61499. During this project AlpinaTec developed a portable demonstration unit with three positionable axes. Furthermore the communication between these axes may be autonomously configured using the semi-formal definition of industrial bus-communication developed during the FRONTICS project. (Weblink:


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